Packaging As A Marketing Tool

Thousands of new products are introduced every year, more than 15,000 to be exact. How can your product compete, not only with established brands but with the plethora of new products that are being introduced? The answer of course is THE PACKAGING. The right packaging with the right message will rise above the competitive landscape. But how many companies understand the value behind packaging as a marketing tool? Most just look at as a way to convey the product or recycle tired images and product packaging that doesn’t work.

Understanding the complexities of how a package reaches out to a consumer is one of the most important things to understand. Communicating that message on product packaging is a time consuming and difficult challenge. The answer derives from understanding what the consumer wants from their product packaging. A good way to assess this problem is to look at yourself and how and where you shop?

What compels you to look at a new product? What drew you to pick it up and take a closer look? Your answer may be different from that of another member of your family or a significant other but the message is the same. You were intrigued enough by whatever ever that made you pick up the product and take a closer look. That’s half the battle won because your product will never sell if someone doesn’t pick it up in the first place.

I know it’s a trite saying by now but seriously “think outside the box.” That is what makes your product unique from its competitors. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your package. Remember think from the consumers’ perspective not from the manufacturers.

Rank these attributes for your product and then the nearest competitive product or a product that you recently purchased that was outside your normal buying pattern.

Is it new and innovative?

Is it fulfilling a need?

Is it easy to use and convenient?

Is it a good value?

Does it make the consumer happy?

Does it inspire consumer trust and loyalty?

Is it safe and secure?

Does it compel you to want to know more?

So how does your product stack up in solving a consumer want or need?

Would your package make someone desire to take a closer look?

Remember it’s the package talking here. It’s the one doing the work marketing what’s inside to the customer. That’s what you need to drill in your brain about your package – why buy me??

Evaluating or developing product packaging with the consumer in mind is your first step in creating a package that markets all the products attributes to the ultimate decision maker the customer.

Don’t get concerned it your package doesn’t do all of the above. It only takes one unique attribute that will intrigue a consumer to take a closer look. Of course the more needs you can fulfill the better “connection” to the consumer. The “consumer connection” is what you are trying to create. So think outside the typical behavior and solve the hidden need that will make a consumer buy your product and not a competitors.

By JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva