Robert Mondavi Thinks Outside The Box

Leading California wine maker, Robert Mondavi has announced something completely new in the world of wine: the 12-pack. A mainstay of the beer and soda world for decades, you will now be able to buy a 12 pack of 187ml (around 6.3oz) wine bottles.

The wine industry has often lead the way when it comes to pushing the envelopes on labels and packaging. Many innovations, such as high resolution full color label printing, that we now take for granted began because of the demands of wineries.

This innovation makes perfect sense. Robert Mondavi is making it more convenient for their customers to consume their product. It provides a great example of one industry copying packaging ideas from another industry and adapting them to their own purpose. That is one of the easiest ways to come up with new and innovative packaging ideas, but it does take thinking outside the box.

This is bound to be a big success and we will soon see a number of wineries offering these convenient 12-packs, or different variations on this theme.

By Peter Renton.