Watch This Wine Evangelist


Gary Vaynerchuk is a wine enthusiast and evangelist. Fittingly, he’s the Director of Operations at Wine Library, a wine retailer in New Jersey. Gary has been sharing his passion for wine with daily online videos where he sniffs, slurps, and spits wine all the while imparting wit and wisdom about wine (and about the New York Jets).

Don’t expect a prim and proper haughty toddy video lecture about wine. Oh no. Gary ain’t goin’ out like that. New York Magazine labels Gary’s style as an “unpretentious, gonzo approach to wine appreciation.” Yep. That’s right on.

The so-called wine establishment doesn’t know what to do with Gary’s unbridled evangelism for wine. In an interview with New York Magazine, Gary answered his critics by saying…

“It’s amazing how intimidating wine is; all the wine geeks want to keep everybody out. I get these real wine-snob d–kheads who think I’m dumbing wine down. And now wineries are starting to get mad at me. I used to be their darling—because I’m a buyer—but some of them don’t want to sell to me anymore because I panned their wine on the show. That’s been really difficult. I get a ton of positive feedback, but I also get a little zing-zing.”


Spend a few minutes watching Gary’s latest video and think to yourself, who in your company SHOULD do something similar?

By johnmoore