Megalomaniac Wines

Take a look at the latest wine venture from Niagara, specifically from a new company called John Howard Cellars of Distinction, whose namesake – the so-called megalomaniac behind the name – once owned the respected Vineland Estates Winery.

Brandever, the ingenious Vancouver-based design firm Howard partnered with for Megalomaniac, has already created memorable labels at several British Columbia wineries and around the globe.

The award-winning firm has transformed floundering B.C. wineries with promise and given them new life with new names and creative, splashy labels, such as Blasted Church, Laughing Stock and Dirty Laundry. After Prpich Hills became Blasted Church, sales jumped from 1,000 cases at $8.50 a bottle to 10,000 cases per year at prices ranging from $16 to $26.

Brandever founder and principal Bernie Hadley-Beauregard said a lot of wine labels are too conservative with too much attitude, and end up looking alike. “If you take a left-field approach, you increase the memorability of your wine,” Hadley-Beauregard said from Vancouver. “People are looking for something that’s fresh and different at all times.”

Brandever’s design for Megalomaniac Wine was awarded Best of Show for label design at the 2007 San Francisco International Wine Competition, North America’s largest and most prestigious wine competition. Their quartet of wins included:

Double Gold Medal Award – Label Design (Single) – Megalomaniac 2006 Narcissist Riesling

Double Gold Medal Award + Best of Show – Label Design (Series) – Megalomaniac Wines

Gold Medal Award – Label Design (Single) – Blasted Church Revered Series 2005 Merlot

Bronze Medal Award – Label Design (Single) – Poplar Grove 2004 The Legacy 

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By Mike Carter.