Solms Hiervandaan

According to Cru Master Brendon Shaw, Solms Hiervandaan is the best wine he’s had this year. 

Solms-Delta is a joint venture between the Solms and Astor families and the Wijn de Caab Trust representing previously disadvantaged employees. The 320 year old Franschhoek farm has reclaimed its historic role as a wine estate under the direction of Prof. Mark Solms, a world-renowned neuroscientist. There’s an interesting story behind the name “Hiervandaan”.

Hiervandaan (meaning ‘from this place’) is a word with special significance in the colonial history of the Cape. Marquard de Villiers, scion of a Huguenot family that farmed at Delta from 1771 to 1823, points out that it was used by early European settlers to define their new identity. “Ons is hiervandaan, ons is Afrikaners.’ ‘We are from this place, we are Africans.’ De Villiers also tells the moving story of a conversation he had at a neighbouring farm that was once the seat of his family. After proudly telling a labourer of Khoi origin that his family had farmed there 300 years ago, the fellow replied that he too was ‘hiervandaan’ but his people had only lived there ‘sommer van altyd’ (just since forever).

Source: the cru