Gold-Plated Bubbly

New Year’s celebrations may be over but that doesn’t slow down the house of Dom Perignon, which has unveiled their latest divine creation with the 1995 Vintage White Gold Jeroboam commemorative champagne.

This seductive beauty is the newest addition to the famed Perignon name and the limited 100 luxurious bottles will be available through only a few select locations: Hotel Byblos in St. Tropez, Matsuzakaya Department Store in Nagoya’s Sakae-ku of Japan, and a few chosen nightclubs in the United States. Balanced notes of fresh apricot, brioche, honey and almond make this champagne a true taste of elegance.

It’s price tag ranges from 1.26 million Yen ($11,005) per bottle to $40,000 at U.S. nightclubs. Even after the last drop has been enjoyed, the white gold bottle can stand as a testament to the consumer’s luxurious lifestyle.