New Online Wine Marketing Ideas from the Old World

Those crazy frogs are at it again! Not only do they claim to be the godfathers of the wine industry, but it looks like they may have beaten us to the punch and found a unique way to market direct online wine sales. Through a brilliant viral marketing campaign, one company has found a way to grow their email list and promote their wine-a-day program.

Check this out

When the video completes, you are invited to click on the link to ‘acceder au wine store’ which redirects the viewer to a site advertising a wine-a-day (1Jour1Vin) program similar to RadCru. The viewer is asked to share their email address to receive alerts for discounts on wine direct from the retailer, thus gaining emails to grow their wine club. This video originally appeared on a website called, which is a site dedicated to sharing the latest information to young men interested in technology and social networking.

Source: ReThink Wine Blog