Even Seth Godin finds time to write about packaging these days!

If you’re given a bottle of wine as a present should you open the bottle immediately? The Wino suggests giving two bottles, one to be opened and the other for the host (to be opened at the host’s discretion. Advice like this can only be good for wine sales!

Tom Wark comments that we are not about to see any major paradigm shifts in the wine industry soon. He says “Despite the different ways we now have for marketing wine (meaning, how we communicate with those who will buy it) it always comes down to the same thing: “Hey, buy this…It’s really great!!”.  Explaining why the wine is great is where the creativity comes in.”

Bottom line is that wine producers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Over production and the power of giant retailers forced wine producers to compete mainly on price which turned wine into a commodity product. If disruptive change is ever going to happen it will come from outside the wine industry.

Golfer Retief Goosen has become South Africa’s newest wine producer and wine ambassador. With his connections and celebrity status he’s bound to raise the profile of South African wine on a global scale. Read the full story & interview.