Featured Wine Label Design: Star Tree

Star Tree was designed with a very specific target market in mind. We wanted to create a uniquely South African brand, that will be able to produce the quantities and quality, to truly become a global brand. Star Tree is specifically designed for the American and European market.

In the past I have spoken about the packaging telling a story about the product, it is something that we have really tried to do. The wine comes from Orange River Cellars in the Northern Cape, where the Quiver tree is indigenous to the area. We have created a design, that is not too “ethnic or curio-like”, but is distinctively South African, with distinctive South African colours, and imagery.

Through good classical design, the most modern, best printing technologies, and the use of strong bright attractive modern colour palette, and the combination of metallic inks we have created a unique design, with a degree of elegance and sophistication. Which we believe will have a strong enduring shelf presence.

Vanessa Fogel Design  is a small specialist wine label design studio situated in Muizenburg, Cape Town. Having worked in London and America for a number of years, Vanessa returned to South Africa in 2002 and focused design in the wine industry. 

A strong  follower of classical design rules, with an emphasis of craftsmanship in her designs, has led to her winning many local and international design awards. “I believe in creating a design that is unique to that specific brand rather than just a pretty picture”  is one of her common mantras. “Ultimately I design what is right for the product and not what makes a pretty picture for Vanessa.”

At the studio, there is a gentle calmness as one listens to the sea bashing against the shore, surrounded by mountains and Fynbos, this is a very rich creative atmosphere in which one is given the opportunity to create things special.  “I try to do a lot of hand drawn elements in my design, therefore creating a uniqueness and crafted feel to the design”. “Gimmicky computer generated effects dont last or work”.  

Having a marketing degree under her belt, often contributes to the design process, as there is a lot of strategic thought that goes into the product, after all there has to be an emphasis on longevity and brand building or creation. 

Vanessa Fogel Design consists of herself and another very experienced graphic designer, who between them have over 40 years experience in the design industry, predominantly in packaging.