What we can learn from the New Zealand wine industry

Did you know that one in every eight bottles of wine sold in the UK £5-and-over market is from New Zealand? What is their secret? What can we learn from them?

  • New Zealand has a distinctive “clean & green” image. This authentic and believable branding has positioned New Zealand internationally as a producer of premium quality wines. New Zealand figured out the benefits of place branding long ago. Branding is all about satisfying expectations and they do this very well.

  • Focus on marketing and producing premium quality and high value wines. To do this successfully you need a remarkable and compelling product offering, which they have.

  • A global orientation. In terms of world wine production New Zealand is tiny, but they think big. The Global Competitiveness Report ranks New Zealand 24 out of 131 countries, whilst The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index rates New Zealand 14 out of 124 countries.

  • Foreign investment. Foreign direct investment and collaboration provides access to new technology, upgrading skills and production capabilities, as well as facilitating access to world markets.

What do you think has made the New Zealand wine industry successful?

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