Italian Wine Tourism Grows

The popularity of Italian wine tourism continues to grow and now generates some 2.5 billion euros annualy in revenue, according to data released during the wine and food tourism fair Biteg Forum 2008.

There are currently around five million practising wine tourists, also known as ‘wine-nauts’, in Italy and experts believe that the wine tourism movement is operating at only 20% of its potential and could easily double in the near future.

Among the factors helping the movement to expand are Italy’s 140 ‘wine roads’, specialised itineraries through wine-producing regions, as well as annual events like Open Cellars, which draws over a million tourists to vineyards in the spring.

Evidence of wine tourism’s success is the fact that of the three million euros in turnover made by 82 of Italy’s leading wine producers, 7.5% comes from direct sales at the vineyards themselves.

Source: italymag