The Worlds Most Exclusive Champagne

33774hicuvee_2 "Perrier-Jouët, will be launching the first tailor-made champagne in history: a Perrier-Jouët cuvée made by and for you alone. A mere one hundred people around the world will enjoy the exclusive privilege of a champagne experience devoted solely to them, over the course of an exceptional day at Perrier-Jouët’s headquarter’s the Maison Belle Époque, which has never opened its doors to the public.

Guided in person by Hervé Deschamps, the Maison’s 7th Cellar Master in a lineage dating back two centuries, the fortunate few will have the unprecedented opportunity to create their “own” personal cuvée in the privacy of our Épernay".

"Perrier-Jouët By & For is much more than simply a prestige cuvée – it is a uniquely bespoke luxury experience which incorporates:

• The rare honour of creating one’s own champagne: a made-to-measure case of 12 bottles, inspired by the Belle Époque Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2000.
• A priceless behind-the-scenes visit to Épernay, with access to the private house of Perrier-Jouët, the Maison Belle Époque, which features one of the world’s most prestigious collections of Art Nouveau masterpieces.
• A face-to-face consultation with Hervé Deschamps, the House’s Cellar Master, who will guide the personalisation process.
• A dedicated area within the Maison’s historic cellars, where the champagne will age and mature under expert supervision.
• On each bottle, the purchaser’s signature and an authenticating co-signature of Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps."

The bottle was designed by émile Gallé in 1902, who is one of the artists that best represents Art Nouveau era. In 1964, a wine maker was struck by the beautiful anemone painted bottle founded in Perrier-Jouët’s cave, and decided to make special Cuvée suited for. Since then, ‘Belle Epoque’ has been enjoyed in all over the world, such as in Paris, London and New York, for its dominant presence of white Chardonnay grapes that offers elegant taste, and also the glamorous design of the bottle that has been known as ‘Fleur de Champagne’ ".

By Andrew Gibbs.