Lunar Vine

Lunar Vine

Death By Colour’s design for Lunar Vine caught my attention with its stained glass ornaments and strong colour palett, which certainly lives up to the name of the studio. After some trouble identifying the vinery, I learned that the wine packaging was not a real product at all. It’s what kept Micheal Lonergan busy when the projects at work weren’t piling up on his desk.

If you happen to have some time to burn, with the economy the way it is, consider following Michael’s example. Design something extraordinary, to keep yourself occupied, inspired and to keep your portfolio fresh. Here’s Michael’s description of the project:

“Lunar Vine was born from trudging through Tesco’s wine isles every Friday night with my girlfriend. I had always loved wine label designs such as Blossom Hill and many others. But none of them really jumped out at me from the shelves. I think a wine bottle should say a lot about what it is. The fruitiness and flavours that are inside etc. But most of the wine labels out there are bland and play it safe with abstract landscapes or animals from where the wine originates”.

“So I decided to address that with Lunar Vine, with the vivid Colours used, I think it would stand a better chance of being purchased than some of the more established wine brands out there. The name Lunar Vine was inspired by the use of sunlight in the production of wine. And how at night on a full moon they are still getting that small bit of sunlight from the moon – hence Lunar Vine”.

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