Veuve Clicquot Dry Blizzard Concept

Dry Blizzard 1

Dry Blizzard 2

Dry Blizzard 3

Famed French champagne house Veuve Clicquot is known for inspiring a wide variety of interesting accessories to enhance what’s already a luxurious quaffing experience. The latest example is merely conceptual but the company should seriously consider producing it in our opinion. French industrial designer Thomas Lemaire came up with the innovative tribute to one of his country’s finest products. The Dry Blizzard consists of a high-tech cooler and champagne flutes ensuring the wine is always perfectly chilled.

The super-sleek cooler uses dry ice and a battery-powered fan to circulate cold air around the bottle, dispensing with wet, messy melted ice. The system keeps the champagne at the optimum temperature and also prevents the label from coming unstuck in icy water. The three-part flutes are also designed to keep the Veuve from being warmed by your hand. Double-walled glass insulates the contents, while an aluminium grip for your fingers also keeps unwanted heat at bay.

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