Wine Bottles by Let It Grow

Let it grow 1

Let it grow 2

Designed by Brazil based design firm Let It Grow:

"Our philosophy is create special projects for special clients and thinking more than just the graphic design field.


Our proposal was to create a gift for clients, partners and friends that could say more about us and our ideas. Something remarkable and different from the usual calendars and posters.


We took 100 bottles of wine that could go to the garbage, and painted all of them in a white colour. After this first step, we decide to create 100 drawings, exclusive and unique for each one. With some special pens and a freehand technique they became a "design product".

To keep the surprise we decide to cover it with a black plastic (those used to sell grains of coffee) in a vacuum process. Inside the packaging, there was a little tag explaining the project.

We made a movie and a hot site with all the types of bottles we created. You can check it at"

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