Gordon Ramsay Lends His Name To A Wine Label

Gordon Ramsay Lends His name To A Wine Label

Gordon Ramsay is putting his name on a wine for the first time. That in and of itself isn’t particularly startling but what is interesting is that the wine is inexpensive and Ramsay lent his name for free.

Decanter reports that Ramsay has let Château Bauduc, in Entre Deux Mers, Bordeaux brand their wines with the words ‘Gordon Ramsay Selection’ across four different labels the Ramsay Rose 08, Ramsay Blanc 2008, Ramsay Clos Quinze and Ramsay Les Trois.

In the latest edition of Château Bauduc’s newsletter Ramsay says: "My sommeliers swear by Bauduc, even if the accountants swear every time someone orders a bottle instead of Chablis or Pétrus" A 12 bottle collection with two dry whites, a red and a rosé sells for £99.90.

By Deidre Woollard | Source :: www.luxist.com