Blue Nun Launches Sparkling Wine

Blue Nunn  Gold Edition

The Blue Nun brand is launching a sparkling white wine that contains 22-carat gold flakes in an effort to appeal to a more upmarket audience.

It follows other drinks manufacturers, including vodka makers and a cinnamon liqueur, to chase the young female market by adding traces of gold to their products.

A spokesman for Blue Nun said: "The trend that we are tapping into in this economic climate is ‘affordable rewards’.

"Blue Nun Gold is a quirky form of affordable treat that should appeal to women wanting to try something new."

Blue Nun, founded in the 1920s, was once one of the biggest wine brands in the world but it became a by-word for naffness by the late 1970s when it was selling 3.5 million bottles a year. It was famously the wine of choice for Alan Partridge, the fictional disc jockey.

The original Blue Nun wine was a Liebfraumilch and labelled with the image of a nun, although due to a mistake by the printer the label was printed in blue, not brown. This gave the wine its name.

In recent years the company has undergone a renaissance in the UK, with the launch of an organic wine and a rosé.

Blue Nun’s new gold wine, costing £7.99, will go on sale in the summer.

By Harry Wallop, Consumer Affairs Editor,