Natalie MacLean Offers Wine Pairing On The Go

Natalie MacLean Offers Wine pairing On The Go

These days finding a great wine is as easy as heading to your iPhone or Blackberry. There are apps that offer wine information, ways of tracking your cellar and finding out what wine to drink with what food.

One of the most interesting wine pairing apps comes from noted wine author Natalie MacLean. Her Drinks Matcher from Nat Decants doesn’t just tell you whether you should choose white or red wine. Her app is far deeper and lets you either start with the food or with the wine. You’ve got to love an app that includes pairings for over 200 cheeses and over 100 desserts. Ever wonder what goes best with roasted marshmallows? The answer is a German Late Harvest Riesling.

The app also includes pairings for other drinks including beer, coffee and tea. It also links to the mobile version of her website so you can access wine reviews and other information. Overall there are over 380,000 pairings, with new ones added daily.

The app sells for $2.99 for iPhone or BlackBerry.

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