Beyerskloof Diesel Pinotage


Diesel Pinotage is named after Beyers Truter’s beloved dog Diesel, who died in 2008. A canine of true winelands breeding, he was a cross between a great Dane and a bull mastiff, parents who resided on the wine estates of Warwick and Le Bonheur, respectively.

The beautifully packaged bottle of premium wine honours an intimate friendship between a master vintner and his loyal dog. For years Diesel followed him where ever he went.

“Diesel was much more than a dog. He was my pal. One of those true friends who loves you despite your faults; that listens patiently to stories of sadness and share tail-wagging moments of happiness. He never barked back or lifted a critical ear. He was, undoubtedly, my best friend.”
And so, thanks to a great friendship between a man and his dog in the winelands, the world gets to share and sample one of the finest pinotages ever produced.

The wine is being released in a limited quantity of 245 cases of twelve, of which some are already being exported to Belgium. Beyerskloof Diesel Pinotage 2007 will retail at R300 at the cellar in Stellenbosch.