Therapy Vineyards : Test Your Mind

therapy vineyards

The Brandever creative agency has developed a great design for Naramalta Bench’s Therapy Vineyards. To make the bottles really unforgettable and luring, the designers put these famous Rorschach inkblots which are used in psychiatry when the patient’s problem is being determined.

To promote a product by drawing parallels between it and mind problems is a very risky thing, but this time it does work.

The Therapy Vineyards are located in the vineyards and mountains of the Naramata Bench in Canada. The premium wine in bottles featuring various inkblots will definitely turn to be a hit of sales.

With Therapy Vineyards you are encouraged to explore your imagination and answer the silent question: “What does this remind you of?” After a glass of ultra premium wine you’ll find what to say.

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