Celebrating the Season with Vigna Dogarina

Vigna Dogarina Prosecco

Many people have discovered prosecco as a pleasing, budget-conscious alternative to champagne when it comes to celebrating festive occasions. Not all proseccos are created equal, however. Finding bottles labeled with “DOC” (Denominazione Origine Controllata) or “DOCG” (Denominazione Origine Controllata Garantita) is a guarantee of quality, meaning that the grape used and the wine making process originated in a specific region.

Vigna Dogarina’s DOC prosecco comes from the most prestigious prosecco region in Italy, Valdobbiadene, located in the Veneto region and is available in two varieties, Brut and Extra Dry, retailing for $16 to $20 per bottle. Vigna Dogarina Brut has a delicate floral perfume and pleasant notes of wisteria. It is the driest prosecco of the range and the low residual sugar level brings out an appealing freshness and acidity with hints of green apple.

The Extra Dry features fragrant floral qualities accompanied by attractive notes of acacia and meadow flowers, wild apples and honey. Its slightly higher residual sugar allows a rounder and softer effect on the pallet and brings out floral and fresh fruit aromas.

Source :: www.luxist.com