Chilano : Inspired With Aztec Culture

Blackburn’s has recently re-designed Chilano (previously Chileno) a top selling Chilean wine brand in the U.K that is in all the major supermarkets.

Original design

Having designed the successful original the company was entrusted with its recent re-design to reflect the brand’s increased price point, this taking the product visually into more premium territory.

chileno old -design

The re-design

Focusing on the mainstay of the brand, the now established ‘C’ icon, the colours were toned down to reflect it’s more premium status.

chilano wines by blackburn new 1

chilano wines by blackburn new 2

Each varietal required its own ‘C’ incorporating different colours and patterns. The re-design’s creators drew their inspiration from the highly distinctive Aztec culture, their textiles, ceramics and mosaics. Each ‘C’ becoming a unique and intricate ‘work of art’.

A distinctve label shape that higlights the ‘C’ added further visibility on shelf.

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