Ronn Wiegand Signature Wine Glasses

Ronn Wiegand Signature Wine Glasses

Celebrity endorsement is a common thing in sports equipment but not quite so common in the world of wine. Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Ronn Wiegand has collaborated on a new line of wine glasses with German line Eisch Glaskultur.

The Ronn Wiegand Signature series of Breathable wine glasses were collaboratively designed by Ronn Wiegand and Eisch. In a press release, Wiegand stated that after a year and a half of using Eisch Breathable glasses on a daily basis on hundreds and hundreds of red, white, and rose wines from around the world he was very impressed. He found that they helped wines taste smoother, fruitier, and more forward.

The new line is machine-made, lead-free crystal with a pulled stem and is specially designed to show the best in New World wines. Each piece is produced from a single lump of glass, eliminating the seam between the stem and the bowl. The series includes glasses for Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Champagne, and an all-purpose Red Wine glass. The Ronn Wiegand Signature line also includes a Tumbler.

Prices range from $239.99 to $324.99 for a set of six glasses.

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