Wine Pairings for the Drive-Thru Set

Wine Pairings for the Drive True Set

It’s hard to speak pretentiously about terroir with secret sauce dripping down your chin. Los Angeles-based Learn About Wine’s Blind Date tastings pair a variety of respectable reds with beloved In-N-Out Double-Double cheeseburgers.

The tastings are held on assorted Friday nights in a downtown loft and boast 20 one-ounce blind pours. Each night of the series features a different red: merlot, cab, zinfandel, pinot noir and Rhone. Afterwards the wines are revealed so that tasters can ensure they pair the right bottle with their next combo meal. But you can’t get fries with that — wine tasting has to retain some level of class!

What this means to business:

Californians, with their own lively vinoculture, know that wine is not just for snobs, and most oenophiles know the scene at the end of the movie Sideways speaks the truth: Wine goes with just about anything, including a hamburger.

Mainstream consumers are curious about wine, but are often intimidated by the snooty reputation and endless rows of bottles on the shelf. A class that pairs vino with fast food opens the door to massclusivity and welcomes all to swirl and sip.

Learn About Wine’s “Blind Date” wine tasting + burgers series.

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