Oggau Estate “Family Clan” Wines

Oggau Estate Family Clan Wines 1

Oggau Estate Family Clan Wines 2

Wine labels can say a lot about the wine inside, and they’re certainly a great opportunity for artistic and creative expression, but Oggau Estate Wine has taken wine labeling to a whole new level.

The Oggau Estate in Austria produces 9 varieties of wine, all of varying ages and characteristics, and what started as simply giving each wine a face, name, and ‘personality’ to help the drinker identify the wine inside (younger faces equals younger, lighter wine while older faces equal more aged varieties) eventually grew into something much more complex. The wines now not only have faces, names, and personalities, but also relationships and stories with each other as they’ve become a family of children, parents, and grandparents.

The wines have grown popular in Austria for both their quality and for the novelty of being able to collect the entire ‘family clan.’

By Rigel Celeste | Source :: www.luxist.com