Wine & Bitch Weekend

Wine and Bitch

Let’s not pretend the recession hasn’t been hard on Fifi, too – a solid year-and-a-half of listening to you and the rest of the gang go on and on about the economy. And don’t even get her started on this whole staycation thing. If you want to show her some love and get a whole bunch of it yourself, The Resort at Paws Up in Montana, just outside of Missoula, will be putting on its second Wine & Bitch Weekend next month.

Three days and two nights in a land that only Ken Burns could do justice will be spent in a vacation home on a 37,000-acre property. Everything is included: three gourmet meals for two, every day, training and wellness seminars, doggie massages and hikes, and wine tastings from the thematically appropriate Mutt Lynch Winery. A canine fashion show is also on the cards, and you’d be surprised how well the dogs dress in the state of gold and silver.

Your calendar will be looking for room from April 23-25 for the event, and your Luxembourg account will be looking for $1,825 to transfer, which takes care of two adults and one pooch.

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