Upgrade for Turning Leaf Wine

Turning Leaf Wine 1

Gallo’s Turning Leaf isn’t the most exciting wine brand out there and certainly doesn’t have the most exciting label design but that is about to change with a little makeover from British fashion designers Basso & Brooke. The pair are famous for their use of bright colors like the ones in the designs above and they will serve as “designers in residence” for Turning Leaf.

The Financial Times reports that the pair will create a wrapping for 2,000 bottles, a blog, limited-edition umbrellas and a retail installation for a London department store. Chris Brooke recently toured Gallo vineyards in Healdsburg, Cali­fornia where he showed off the bottle in its colorful sleeve and went through a tasting of the six Turning Leaf blends. The exuberantly colored sleeve which looks much like the dress above is a bit at odds with the Turning Leaf label which remains the same but at least the flashy new outfit might catch a few eyes on the wine shelf.

Source :: www.luxist.com