Woodbridge Creates an Inexpensive Sparkling Wine

Woodbridge creates an inexpensive sparkling wine

You can’t drink champagne everyday but with the new value priced sparkler from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi you can enjoy bubbles without any guilt. The Woodbridge Brut Sparkling Wine marks the first time in brand history that a sparkling wine has been added to the extensive Woodbridge portfolio.

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Brut Sparkling Wine uses the Charmat method to create a Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine with Chardonnay grapes harvested early in the season to retain their liveliness. The wine goes through a secondary fermentation for 3-5 weeks in small pressurized tanks to produce its distinguishing sparkle by introducing specially selected yeast from the Champagne region of France to the base blend. The sparkling wine is then aged sur lie for 1-2 months and prior to bottling, a final dosage of sugar is added to balance the wine within the Brut level of sweetness (typically between 0 and 15 g/l of residual sugar).

The resulting wine has bright apple, pear and citrus notes. At under $10 a bottle it’s a budget option for tossing into a mimosa or bringing along on picnics and other summer events. The Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Brut Sparkling Wine will be available nationally beginning June 1, 2010.

Source :: www.luxist.com