France Fights to Keep The Cork

France Fights To Keep The Cork

The rise of the screwcap and plastic stoppers for wine bottles has continue but not without some grumbles from the the French. The Telegraph reports that France’s cork federation is going on the offensive with a poster campaign that features wine and champagne bottles with outlandish alternative stoppers like a plastic duck and the slogan: “Always imitated, never equaled.”

The federation also points to a recent poll that says that almost nine out of ten French people prefer the traditional stopper. Real cork remains associated with quality wine, well-preserved aromas and long conservation despite the fact that many critics say the screwcap is, and should be, the new standard for ease of use and preventing the dreaded cork taint. Even the emperor of wine, Robert Parker has said that he thinks that only great wines that are meant to age for years will be cork topped in the future.

One advantage of cork production is the green factor. Cork topper production produces less carbon emissions than the production of plastic and screw tops. More importantly the cork industry supports the cork oak forests of Portugal and Spain which are a home for wildlife.

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