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Jerusalem based designer Mirit Wissotzky has created the branding and packaging for the Manaresi Winery, from logo, to bottles, to outer boxes.

“Concept : I had the honor to work on this project started from a really blank page.

Donatella Agostoni inherited the winery from her artist grandfather Paolo Manaresi.

Coming from a family that over the years made, appreciated and collected art, to take on its tradition and cultural legacy, she decided to call the winery after his name. Then, the whole design concept was created around the world of art and especially Manaresi’s art of engraving.

For example, the frame that is created, each time differently, by pressing the piece of aluminum on a bigger piece of paper.

This frame became the leading component of the brand, each time it changes format and the art it contains inside. Another important components are the four decided colors (red, gold, silver, green), one for each kind of wine. These sometimes appear as the dot (inspired by the ‘sold’ red dot), other times they come in different rectangles formats or even in photos (as in the web backgrounds)

Logo : The logo is based on the signature of the grandfather and it had to go through some long process to achieve its readability. It is composed of two parts – a fixed one/the free hand Manaresi and line, and a dynamic one/the typed subtitle. that can either indicate the winery’s description or the wine name specification

Label : The classic front and back labels are finally united in one wrapping label. All the diners at the table get to look at the nice side of the bottle. Actually there are no sides, just one punched frame, and here the art within the frame is the wine itself. Each wine label has a different format and dot color. The winery flagship wine has the golden dot matched by a golden capsule.

Packaging : This time the art inside the frame is one of the beautiful engravings by the artist (Visione notturna, 1955). The carton box holds 6 bottles of wine, printed with a single black color.”

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