Divers Find 230 Year Old Champagne


Divers in the Baltic Sea are believed to have discovered a trove of 230-year old Veuve Clicquot Champagne, believed to be the oldest drinkable Champagne ever found.

About 30 bottles are believed to be in the wreck. One of the dive-party's members reportedly opened one and tasted it, saying, "it tasted fantastic."

Swedish wine expert Carl-Jan Granquist estimates each bottle could bring around euro50,000 if the corks are in tact.

The bottles were discovered Tuesday, July 13 near the Aland Islands in the Baltic between Sweden and Finland.

The bottles are believed to be Veuve Cliquot, owned by Moet-Chandon, because of an anchor design on the cork, which the Champagne house used. The identity of the ship has not yet been determined.

By David Kiley | Source :: www.luxist.com