Does Expensive Wine really Taste Better?

Does Expensive Wine really Taste Better

Does expensive wine really taste better? Yes, no, and sometimes.

Many of the most expensive wines command a high market price because they belong to a popular or rare vintage, come from a winery with an outstanding reputation, and/or are genuinely very good and enjoyed by the majority of people. But expensive wines are also often preferred for another reason: a study by the California Institute of Technology found that people appreciate the same wine more when they think it’s expensive. Brain scans found that drinking wine with a high price sends extra blood and oxygen to the pleasure centers of the brain, meaning that price can influence flavor in a very real way.

Things are different when the price of the wine isn’t factored in. Another set of research found that in blind tastings where the prices weren’t known to test subjects the difference between wine price and overall rating was “small and negative,” meaning that most people didn’t get more enjoyment from expensive wines unless they knew they were expensive. When all things were equal the cheap wine tasted just as good as the pricey stuff. One exception was trained wine experts, who tended to prefer expensive wines even when they didn’t know the cost.

Expensive, cheap, when it comes to wine there are no rules and both have the potential to be very good. Whether you opt for expensive or not is more about personal preference, the individual wine, and having an open mind when it comes to stereotypes in the industry.

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