Hedera Wines






[H]edera is one of our newest and most exciting designs for Domain Marash. It is a brand new winery in Bulgaria full with enthusiasm and exciting perspectives. We all have been inspired by the fresh and young spirit of the whole project. Our main goal was to create a unique label, based on attractive even crazy idea. We decided to use the QR code as a main image of modern vision and then blend it with classic artistic calligraphy for the Hedera brand.

All these incorporated in nearly classic label form, delicately touched by our contemporary approach. As part of our design tradition, we wanted to improve the label effect so we put some transparent puff-up varnish on the QR code and on the Hedera calligraphy. We used the same QR code pattern on bottle capsule and it really turned out the whole vision into something very attractive and elegant at the same time.

Design by Jordan Jelev | Source :: Packaging of the World