Avondale Wine Labels


Avondale Anima 2009

Avondale Armilla Brut

Avondale Camissa 2010

Avondale Cyclus 2009

Avondale La Luna 2006

Avondale Navitas 2008

Avondale Samsara 2006

At Avondale, we strive for biodiversity throughout the farm, not just along the uncultivated fringes but also in the vineyards. There is no better measure of the robustness of any ecosystem than its biodiversity. Multitudes of life forms reduce vulnerability, protect the ecosystem from shocks and enable it to restore and regenerate more quickly. Avondale was one of the first South African wine producers to be awarded the World Wildlife Fund’s Biodiversity in Wine certification. We are blessed with a wonderful array of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles on the farm.