Oyikil Redesigned

Oyikil (1)

Oyikil (2)

Oyikil (4)

[O]yikil is a line redesign and extension project carried out by José Bahamonde and Natalia Arena. The line needed to grow vertically (Reserva, Gran Reserva, Icono) and horizontally, i.e. by adding varietals. These clients also wanted that labels looked more trendy and elegant.

The name had to be kept, that is why, we decided to emphasize its meaning (Oyikil is Tehuelche language for Condor) and try to find a new image that would allow us more versatility. We redesigned the brand by using a more balanced and legible font.

The Condor colors and flying altitude inspired us to come up with a simple way to represent each line. The first white label represents the youngest and less costly wines. “Vuelo” (flight), “Gran Vuelo” (great flight) and “Cumbre” (summit)correspond to Reserva, Gran Reserva and Icono respectively where the background color gets darker and the condor flies higher.

Design by Arena-DG | Source :: Packaging of the World