Riesling wine, reconceived & repackaged


[W]e’ve seen wines and beers packaged for various target audiences, including women and gay men, but recently we came across a slightly different kind of example. Based in New Zealand, Ritzling is an effort to rethink classic Riesling wines for modern tastes and reformat them in a new way.

Aiming to create a new kind of beverage, Ritzling has taken Riesling wine and added carbonation along with a twist of citrus, resulting in a blend it calls “pure happiness.” With richly artistic labeling and packaged in 250mL bottles, the beverage is reportedly served in a manner similar to Mexican beer, with a slice of lemon or lime in the neck of the bottle.

There are countless ways to make a classic product fresh and new again, but Ritzling’s take on Riesling seems uniquely innovative. One to help introduce at bars, restaurants and summer picnics in your part of the world?

Source :: Springwise