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  • Xavier

    [X]avier Vignon is a world-class consultant oenologist who works for many of the leading estates of the southern Rhône. He is known for creating wines of a truly unique character. But somehow that distinctive styling didn’t come across on the labels. Neumeister was contacted… It is that unique character of every bottle that really caught […]

  • Wines of the World

    [T]his is a range of wines that the Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize offers within its own "365" brand, which includes basic, everyday products at an affordable price. We set as a starting point, communication in the spirit of the "365" brand: simplicity and ‘why not?’ humor, irony, ensuring that the whole range had a visual […]

News in Pictures

  • [T]he briefing was very clear, "… we want to go out of the current idea that cavas and champagnes always must transmit a serious and formal image …". The challenge deserved a good dissertation on what this type of product means to the public and that time is consumed and why. After working in different […]

  • [T]o celebrate Chandon’s American Heritage, ButterflyCannon have created a limited edition summer bottle, inspired by the great “All-American Summer". Wrapped from head to toe in classic red, white and blue stripes, the design for both the standard 750ml and 187ml bottles evoke a classic Hamptons-style yachting theme. ButterflyCannon also designed Chandon’s limited edition ice-buckets, towels, […]