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We love a fine wine, especially when it can be ingested in as thoughtful an environment as this one. Welcome to Merus, a "designer" winery like no other.

Located in the Napa Valley in California, Merus looks more like a Michelin-starred restaurant than your average cellar-door retail outlet. Exposed beams are the only nod to the past in this interior design strategy, which is thoroughly modern with a hint of Californian warmth. Amsterdam-based Uxus Design is the architecture and design firm behind the winery which will open in early 2009. With more than a few inspiring, high profile projects under its belt, Uxus is one of the Netherlands’ hottest design studios.

It’s been a busy year for Uxus, who have unveiled a number of other great retail design projects recently including the new Heineken ‘concept’ bars which will open in airports across the globe and one of Europe’s coolest McDonald’s play areas in Amsterdam.


Veuve Clicquot Case Something special… the Veuve Clicquot City Traveler Case Yellow Label Brut Champagne 2 glass set.


 Wine Train vista-dome

Take a ride on the Napa Wine Train. Read more…

Recession Red These days everyone I know is cutting back. Yes, even those fancy pants packaging designers. Gone are the days of ostentatious holiday gifts, look-how-great-our-work-is parties and "we’re moving" mailers. In fact, it seems like we’re all going to be stopping by at art openings just for the free booze at the price of aahing over a couple of paintings (if we’re not already).

Recession Wines blithely address the climate we’re designing in and mix it up with a little sense of humor. There’s nothing like calling a spade and spade. Even in a recession, we still need our little pleasures.

By Natasha Chetiyawardana. Source:

Visualizing the Five Senses If you’ve ever had problems understanding the differences between wine varieties and the subtle notes tasting they hold, help is at hand.  Brooklyn-based engineer and designer Carl Tashian has created a wine flavor visualization tool to show the relationship between the flavors on over 5,000 wine tasting notes.   Taken from a major Australian wine magazine, the information was pulled together to assist a class at ITP @ NYU called Visualizing the Five Senses.

By Claudia Cukrov. Source:

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