Rigau Brut

[T]he briefing was very clear, "… we want to go out of the current idea that cavas and champagnes always must transmit a serious and formal image …". The challenge deserved a good dissertation on what this type of product means to the public and that time is consumed and why. After working in different […]


[T]o celebrate Chandon’s American Heritage, ButterflyCannon have created a limited edition summer bottle, inspired by the great “All-American Summer". Wrapped from head to toe in classic red, white and blue stripes, the design for both the standard 750ml and 187ml bottles evoke a classic Hamptons-style yachting theme. ButterflyCannon also designed Chandon’s limited edition ice-buckets, towels, […]


[X]avier Vignon is a world-class consultant oenologist who works for many of the leading estates of the southern Rhône. He is known for creating wines of a truly unique character. But somehow that distinctive styling didn’t come across on the labels. Neumeister was contacted… It is that unique character of every bottle that really caught […]

Wines of the World

[T]his is a range of wines that the Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize offers within its own "365" brand, which includes basic, everyday products at an affordable price. We set as a starting point, communication in the spirit of the "365" brand: simplicity and ‘why not?’ humor, irony, ensuring that the whole range had a visual […]

Martian Ranch & Vineyard Branding

[M]artian Ranch & Vineyard is a young, biodynamically-farmed vineyard on famed Alisos Canyon Road in the Santa Ynez Valley. Proprietor Nan Helgeland named the winery after her two sons, Martin and Ian. The name quickly gave a connotation of the obvious, the extraterrestrial. Martian approached Geyrhalter with nothing but a great name, backed by an […]

Miguel Freitas Portfolio

[W]ine label for Quinta da Bichinha, a wine producer from Lisbon region, and this is Prima Casta Red wine for China Market. It is an elegant and distinct label and that's why we decided to use the black color and the foiled gold. The text below the brand's name is printed with a soft gray, […]

Sweet Victory

[D]esign inspired by the posters of famous artistic and cultural movement "Art Nouveau" of the late nineteenth century. The name, style of wine "Late Harvest Semillon," the design and concept of the product are in perfect harmony with all that time represented "Belle Epoque". Design by Diego Ballester | Source :: Packaging of the World

Adriatico Wine Label

[T]he creative idea of this wine label is to immerse the users into an improvised route by bicycle through the Adriatic coast. We tried to show each of the three different trip stages within three different labels: The beginning, showing the feeling of nerves and uncertainty in the beginning of the trip; Midway, showing the […]

Padrillos by Ernesto Catena Vineyards

[R]edesigned packaging for Ernesto Catena Vineyards. The idea of the redesign was to emphasize the image of a post stamp, increase the perception of quality and price with a more careful, now making a greater impact at the point of sale. Imagine a herd of wild stallions galloping over smooth, white hills, their black coats […]