Dos Ochos

As new global markets develop and become attractive, traditional producers face increasing competition. In his book The World is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman describes how the powerful forces of globalisation are flattening the world as we know it. The wine industry is no exception, and here is an example of a label designed in South Africa, wine […]

New label for Two Oceans

  Two Oceans has unveiled a cleaner, fresher and altogether more elegant packaging worldwide on the back of brand and packaging research. Says brand representative Carlyn Lyons: “The globalised packaging initiative has standardised the pack look in all our markets.  This gave us the opportunity to make some small adjustments to the design to ensure it […]

Memorable quotations

“Designing with a conscience – in fact, living and working and playing with a conscience – and dumping products that have dubious origins or harm the environment is the way of now, as our future is already here and it ain’t looking so pretty inside. Here’s only one fact in the calamity that is being […]

Would your wine brand be missed?

In their book Mavericks at Work, William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre include a very powerful question every brand owner must ask themselves. And given the current state of the global wine industry and it’s uncertain future, it’s a question every wine brand owner must answer today to better prepare for tomorrow. That question is: […]

Pink Champagne

Interest in “all things pink” and a perception that rose wine is “young and extroverted” is propelling a growing market for nonvintage rose champagne, reports Sarah Nassauer in The Wall Street Journal (2/15/07). This trend, which “most producers believe … is a structure shift, not just a trend” — a new category, in fact — […]

Wine Blogging – South African Style

According to AlaWine there are 400 known wine blogs on the internet, so in theory wine enthusiasts should be spoilt for choice. Not exactly. The reality is that South African bloggers are starved for choice, and so far I’ve only managed to pinpoint nine home grown (South African) blogs (shown in alphabetical order): Cathy’s blog Cult South African Wine Pendock Unbottled Serious […]

Wine Packaging Trends

The past five years has seen wine packaging undergo a revolution. As supermarkets become the main driving force in distribution, wine marketers have had to adapt and refine their packaging accordingly. For decades wine packaging design remained static and hardly changed. To remain relevant for consumers packaging needs to stay fresh and frequently has to […]

Airport wine tasting & retail

Duty free sales globally are worth $27 billion and growing. Of that, wine, beer, and spirits contribute $4.75 billion. And it’s also a crucial marketing platform for high-end brands. Here’s an innovative new concept recently posted on Layovers at Washington Dulles, Seattle-Tacoma and Sacramento airports just got more sophisticated. Vino Volo, a play on […]