Coma Fredosa

[F]or the design of this Coma Fredosa as well of that of other wines from the same winery, the “graphic language” of the topography is a key element that offers a series of clues and concepts about the wine and the winery to the spectator/consumer. The topography helps us locate geographically the estates within the […]

The Cloud Factory

[W]ine producer and distributor Boutinot UK, are launching a new addition to their portfolio with the introduction of “The Cloud Factory”, a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. With grapes sourced from the cool Waihopi Valley in Southern Marlborough, the elegant wine is alive with aromas of stone-fruits and minerals, with flavours of guava and […]


[T]ucumen is a new line of wines Budeguer, a family company of immigrants who became major sugar producers in northern Argentina. After more than a century they returned to migrate to Mendoza, the land of vineyards to produce their own wines. The brand is a combination that joins the Argentinean regions of Tucumán (Sugar Land […]

Key Trends Shaping Wine in 2012

[W]hen the Wine Market Council released it’s 2012 Market Forecast, the numbers looked encouraging. Overall table wine consumption increased in 2011. Core consumers (those who enjoy wine at least once a week) tally up 58% of the wine drinking population. Of those, 65% drink wine daily or several time a week. There’s a great deal […]

The Bottle of Wits

[W]hen you leave design school and look for work with your portfolio of fictitious student projects, half of your interviewers pause to tell you that, in the “real world,” you’ll never have the opportunity to design wine packaging. Much less, packaging themed after one of your favorite movies. Those folks never had the chance to […]

Modern Hen

[M]illennials have been hit hard by current unemployment levels, so they are drinking smarter. They spend wisely and express their individuality by breaking away from larger, conventional brands. We developed the name and brand “Modern Hen” to go along with their busy, casual lives—filled with work, friends and entertaining. It’s a brand that’s meant to […]

The Garden Route Wine Label Design

[T]he Garden Route wine label was designed to have genuine provenance and to resonate with anyone who has ever been, or is thinking of going, to South Africa. The bold and simple colour palette and recognisable, confident brand logo, along with the fold-out back label for consumer interaction has been described by James Griswood, Tesco […]

Unsworth Vineyards

[T]he Turyk family has long history of summers at Vancouver Island's Shawnigan Lake, and in the fall of 2009, became aware of a small vineyard and winery for sale in the nearby in the South Cowichan Valley. Translated from the local Coast Salish dialect, Cowichan or 'warm land,' is a unique terrior for growing curious […]

Grassini Family Vineyards

[I]n 2002, the Grassini’s established a family vineyard in the Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, California. A simple crest with a ligature of the number 5 and the letter G was designed with inspiration from the five children. After several successful harvests, the family knew it was time to take the crest and build a […]

Conte Giangirolamo

[F]easibility study for Winery Girolamo Martina Franca Italy. The wine label evokes the history and identity of the Trulli of Alberobello. Design by Domenico Buttazzo | Source :: Packaging of the World