Principe de Viana Edicion Limitada

[T]he ini­tial ap­proach to the de­vel­op­ment of this de­sign is based on a fun­da­men­tal premise: dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion. The idea was to give a prod­uct which stands out from the rest of the range wines Prince of Viana. There are three ax­es around which re­volves the de­sign of this Lim­it­ed Edi­tion: an or­gan­ic dec­o­ra­tion which is re­peat­ed […]

El Libertador

[B]rand and design in homage to the Great Liberator José de San Martín. The design is inspired by the letters, post and communication of that time. From the lands of river Plate to Mendoza, from Santiago to genteel Lima, he went, planting laurels along the way in his triumphal journey, San Martín. San Martín, the […]

New Packaging for Vrede Wines

[M]ore work from Chris Mullineux & Holy Cow Design. New packaging and brand re-alignment developed for Vrede Wines, for their mid range and supermarket brand "Charme".

Uncorking China’s Wine Market

[A]lthough China's bustling metropolises and staid Bordeaux may seem worlds apart, the two are becoming increasingly intertwined. Indeed, China recently overtook the traditional strongholds of Germany and the United Kingdom to become Bordeaux's largest export destination. This transformation is particularly remarkable given the country's short history of mass wine consumption. Historically, beverages such as sorghum-based […]

Raise a Glass to the Free Market in Wine

[T]he worldwide wine business is a good case study in free trade, given that there are many producers and few restrictions on commerce. In recent years, the cost of wine has reflected this generally free global market in two ways – one good and the other bad, as George M. Taber argues in this op-ed […]

Alta Vista Rose

[A]rda Kissoyan, has created a Japanese inspired design for Alta Vista Rosé: a Fork-tailed Flycatcher standing on the branch of a cherry blossom tree and a text which evokes the delicate and ancient art. The new label captures the spirit of the brand: freshness, elegance and originality. This project had the collaboration of the illustrator […]


[R]ooted in the same spirit of discovery as celebrated explorers, Lewis & Clark – and named for the year they first discovered Washington’s Columbia Valley – 1805 is an outstanding new wine from Washington’s Columbia Valley. Drawing on the region’s rich heritage, the label design presents this significant date in a simple, elegant, yet contemporary […]

Buddy Mulled Wine

[B]uddy created these festive mulled wine bottles to send to their clients and friends. A limited edition of 60 labels were hand printed, signed and numbered before being sent. Designed by Buddy | Source :: Lovely Package

Warm Red Mulled Wine

[A] Christmas gift given to clients, suppliers and friends. The ‘Warm red’ Pantone chip becomes a gift box containing a bottle of ‘warming’ red mulled wine. The message printed on the bottle reads “Add a touch of colour to your cheeks this season, with a glass (or two) of mulled wine. Warmer wishes from Designers […]